Translators wanted from Swedish to English subtitles of videos and movies

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There are several deaf and foreign viewers who wished that I should have subtitled videos. But I do not know exactly how to do this, and I have no time for that either now.

Therefore, if you can help me with writing subtitles to the videos? Will it mean that many people will be very happy, and very grateful for your help.

You can choose to write the subtitles in Swedish or English, and that because YouTube can automatically translate the subtitles to the language that the viewer has chosen.

And you can easily contribute and assist with entering the subtitles directly to youtube videos. By clicking on the link here, and that will take you directly to the subtitle entry mode: http://www.amara.org/sv/videos/create

Or you can write the subtitles in a common word processing program, and then send the text to me as a regular mail on post@christianschon.com.

Thanks from me and all of us follwers in advance and for your help with writing the subtitles for all of us who need it.

PS. Do you know of any good and simple program that automatically fixes subtitles, so please email it to me at post@christianschon.com.

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