How do you become a professional proofreader and editor of my their upcoming books

Do you want to become a professional proofreader and helping me to edit my upcoming new e-books? Send an email to me at post@christianschon.com and type "proofreader" in the subject's field, please.

As a proofreader and helping me to edit my upcoming books, you will receive the following benefits:
  • You'll be the first to be given the chance and the opportunity to read my new books, and that long before everyone else. 
  • You will be mentioned in the book, for your participation with your name and a link to your own page on the Internet if you want. 
  • You will personally receive a totally unique copy of the book, when it is ready for release at the book launch.
  • You can also use this book in your own personal marketing and brand-building, as a proof that you are both culturally and intellectually well educated. 
  • You also proves that you are taking a huge social responsibility as a person, by completely voluntary choose to support literature and its development to those future generations of readers who are growing up today, and all the other readers who already exist.
Therefore, do not miss this unique chance and great opportunity you have here to become a professional proofreader of future upcoming books. Just type "proofreader" in the subject's field and send it to post@christianschon.com right now.

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