Molly Sanden release emotional video for "Freak"

On July 28 released Molly Sanden new song "Freak", the text is written to a 10 years younger Molly with much less leather on the nose today. A 12 year old ordinary girl who wrestled with his poor sense of self and an inner voice that day pushed her down. The idea of ​​the video for "Freak" is also a strong message, it's based on real events and is about bullying and how it affects your self-image so much so that it feels like your own reflection mocks you. It is about breaking the negative spiral and step out and dare to be yourself. To accept and see the beauty in herself.

-For me previously been criticized and been very insecure in my body, there is great symbolism and strong significance in that I dare to be naked in my video. For me it's a statement that I accept my body and who I am. Recording the video was emotionally tough in many ways, but I think that sometimes it must hurt a little to bring out a strong final product that addresses these kinds of important issues such as bullying and appearance equality, says Molly.

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMjDne_Z4Gs

This week, the "Freak" scooped a seventh place on Spotify's prestigious playlist "Viral 50 Sweden", the list of the trendiest and most shared tracks on Spotify in Sweden. On Saturday, in front of her song in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon.

Production / Director - Rafael Edholm
Screenwriter / idea - Molly Sanden - Rafael Edholm
Hands Up Production

Listen to "Freak" here at Spotify:
Molly Sanden - Freak


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