SwedeOnTour.Info is my series of non-fiction books, which contain exclusively and solely focused on everything about Sweden

I'm a huge fan of and a very good expert on Sweden, and especially on those southern part which is called the Skåne region that you see on the map here.

On the domain with the same subtitle here, and right through the whole book series SwedeOnTour.Info. I am only write and exclusively about, and you will find all information about, and you can also follow everything that deals about, and has to do about Sweden at SwedeOnTour.Info.

All these books in the series SwedeOnTour.Info has and deals with various topics about Sweden. But all these books are very easy to find. Because all of they always have a Swedish flag on the book cover in this e-book series.

And if you have any questions about Sweden? You can always send me an email at post@christianschon.com, and then I will try to help you out with answering your questions about Sweden.

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