Order / buy a video or radio podcast episode, or a completely custom tailored separate interview

Click here now to order / buy interviews and episodes
You can buy the published and already completed interviews episodes here, or order customized interviews that you wish us to do specifically for you, and where you decide which person we should interview.

- How can I buy an interview that already exist and are published here, and that I can use on my website, or in any other context?

Send an email to post@christianschon.com with the link to the interview that you want to buy, as well as a link and description of what and how you will use this interview, and the context in which this should be incorporated;

- How can I order a unique tailor stitched interview for my purposes with a specific person?

Send an email to post@christianschon.com and write the person's name you want us to interview, and if there are any specific questions you want us to take up, as well as the context in which the interview will be published and used in.

Once we have received your inquiry, we will get back with an answer and a price for you.

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