How to sync your downloads with your mobile devices

File transfer ChristianSchon.com
Now it's time to transfer and sync all of your YouTube downloads with your mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and laptops, etc..

The easiest way to keep your computer and your mobile device, completely updated:

- Is that you first make a folder in your computer where you store all your YouTube downloads that you have done with the help of the previously installed ClipGrab program here.

- Then you share this folder on the computer with your mobile devices.

Sync transfer ChristianSchon.com
Remember to choose and check that the settings for the folders in both the computer and the mobile device are set to:

- Automatically sync and transfer the last modified files every time when you pair and connect them different devices with each others.

This is a good thing, and service to have installed. When you do not have an internet connection on the way to and from school, work, and on vacation, or at your summer home, etc.

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